KU/24! Coming Fall 2017

KU/24! A Day in the Life of the University of Kansas

The value of Higher Education in America is under attack from funding cuts by legislators to public criticism of its costs. KU/24! will be its best defense!

Groundbreaking Project:  After over a decade of research and the development of a 15-page production plan, the groundbreaking documentary KU/24! A Day in the Life of The University of Kansas will be shot during the 24 hours from midnight to midnight on a 2017 October or November Friday when KU basketball and football overlap. The production will spotlight the inspiring KU stories that happen in just one day on this major comprehensive research and teaching university’s five campuses and the city Lawrence, voted one of America’s Top 10 College Hometowns.

Rock Chalk Jayhawk! With your help during the coming October 2016 Kickstarter.com fundraiser, KU/24! will cover the Allen Fieldhouse fanatics during the traditional first basketball “practice” of Late Night in the Phog or an early Friday game, which will launch a new Bill Self led Jayhawk contender for another March Madness race to the Final Four. If the timing is right, we’ll get an inside look as KU head football coach David Beaty and the gridiron Jayhawks prepare for a Saturday home game at Memorial Stadium. Depending on the available events, our camera crews might follow such experiences as the overnight developments of an ongoing scientific experiment or the preparations for a University Theatre’s opening night performance of a student-produced play. We’ll cover a cornucopia of stories highlighting the academic and extracurricular excellence of this heartland of higher education. KU/24! will show Kansas citizens and legislators the impressive return on their investment in KU, as well as demonstrating to the nation the value of ALL higher educational institutions. While KU/24! is not officially endorsed by the University, the KU Office of Public Affairs and Marketing Communications are facilitating the production process and are negotiating the use of KU copyrighted material.

KU Community Collaboration: Hoite C. Caston, KU c’63, a Radio-TV-Film major and award-winning writer, director, and producer for HBO and the History Channel, is the originator of the KU/24! concept and will be its Executive Producer, Writer, and Director. Serving as Co-Executive Producer and Principle Creative Consultant is Bill Kurtis, KU j’62, the award-winning TV journalist and documentary producer for CBS News, PBS, A&E, CNBC and the History Channel. KU/24! will be a collaboration with the entire University community, involving creative contributions from students, faculty, staff and alumni from the five KU campuses and the citizens of Lawrence. Caston and Kurtis will retain final creative control of the documentary/TV series to maintain its journalistic independence so that we fully explore the diversity of the University, including acclaimed accomplishments, clashes of ideas and ongoing institutional challenges in KU’s goal of generating prosperity for the citizens of Kansas. We look forward to partnering with the students and faculty of KU’s School of Journalism and Mass Communications and Department of Film & Media Studies to produce KU/24!. The final production, while not shying from controversy, will reflect the mission and goals of the state’s Flagship University: “To lift students and society far above by educating leaders, building healthy communities and making discoveries that change the world.”

Call for Participation & Stories: Caston and Kurtis welcome the participation of every KU video production student, staff, faculty, and alumni media professional. They will be part of one of the estimated 50 or more official camera crews that will be covering preselected and impromptu events in high definition video, capturing the university’s impressive array of activities and the fertile mix of diverse human relationships. Caston has been visiting KU campuses around the state during the extensive KU/24! pre-production activities, and will continue seeking the participation of volunteers from all university schools and departments to help propose and select the wide variety of inspiring, creative and life changing stories to be followed during the jam-packed 24 hours. All sights and sounds will have KU or Lawrence origins, including music, digital graphics, and animation. Jayhawks on all 5 campuses, as well as those working and studying around the state and abroad, will be encouraged to document their day with HD digital cameras and smartphones.

Jayhawker Studios: To produce KU/24!, Caston has proposed the creation of a non-profit production entity called Jayhawker Studios, which will be financed by an on-line Kickstarter.com fundraising campaign in the fall of 2016. All pledges will be eligible for tax deductions through our fiscal sponsor, the nonprofit, 501(c)(3) Community Foundation for Independence (KS). The funds raised will cover the cost of video, sound and editing equipment, paid production staff, office expenses, promotion, distribution, travel, lodging, professional video crews and stipends for KU student, faculty, and staff volunteers. While most Hollywood documentaries of this nature cost upwards of $500,000, the Kickstarter goal and budget for KU/24! will be a minimum of $250,000. All funds received above our goal will go to support more camera crews covering more stories.

KU/24! Legacy: Depending on the quality of the collected footage, KU/24! will seek to be distributed as a PBS/HBO genre documentary or TV mini-series, with the various stories covered in the production also edited into individual “mini-doc” promotional videos. Part of any proceeds derived from the distribution of KU/24!, as well as the equipment purchased for the non-profit Jayhawker Studios, are planned to be used to support future documentaries, low-budget feature films and KU scholarships in association with KU Endowment. These productions would be Kansas-based video projects created through collaborations between KU students, faculty and alumni professionals from the School of Journalism and Mass Communications and the KU Department of Film & Media Studies. All footage shot for KU/24! will be made available to KU to promote the aspirations and accomplishments of the University of Kansas and its home state.   © (9/1/16)


301 South Fourth Street – Independence, Kansas 67301

(620) 331-4001 – Cell (785) 766- 4314

Email: hoitec@yahoo.com

Twitter: @KU24Day_in_Life 

One Response to KU/24! Coming Fall 2017

  1. “It will show Kansas citizens and legislators the impressive return on their investment in KU, as well as spotlighting the value to the state and nation of all higher educational institutions.”

    What a great premise! Education is the fuel for future economic improvement and this documentary will hopefully enlighten more to the positive effects of reinvesting into local community education centers.

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